Can I let you in on a secret about birth?

If you are a pregnant woman, chances are that you will have heard at least one horror story about birth which has made you feel a bit (or in most cases, a LOT) scared about what is going to happen to you.

You know your baby has to come out (and there really is no going back at this point) but you have no idea how this baby is going to come out of your vagina!


What if you were let in on a secret…..and once you knew the secret, you no longer felt terrified of giving birth? Once you knew the secret, you were actually really excited about the birth because you know you have totally got this!


The secret to having a birth where you feel totally in control throughout, where your birth partner knows exactly how to help you at each stage of labour and you understand all the things that are happening to you.

The secret to a birth where you look back and feel amazed how well you coped, how empowered you felt, how in control you were.

You want to shout about the secret from the rooftops so that every birthing woman knows about it!


Well, that secret is hypnobirthing. You may have heard of it before and been put off by the name. It all sounds a bit ‘out there’ and not your cup of tea? Well what if I told you that hypnobirthing is all very simple and based on human physiology?


There is nothing ‘hippy dippy’ or ‘woo woo’ about it. It is just about understanding how your body works during labour. And learning ways to cope with it. Simple!


The benefits of hypnobirthing have been proven with clinical research: Women have shorter labours, less reported pain, less need for induction of labour, a lower incidence of post-natal depression, reduced need for surgical delivery (Caesarean or forceps/ventouse).

Featured blog by Jenny Hasset - Hypnobirthing practioner and mum of two.


The question I have to ask at this stage is why wouldn’t you want in on this secret with all these amazing benefits?!


Here is a quote from just one of the couples who completed my course:

“I can’t thank you enough! My husband and I completed the private hypnobirth course with you last month as I was told to do it by my consultant. I was a bit of a sceptic and you’ve completely changed my mind! I had a lot of worries and anxiety about the birth of my baby and using your techniques and CD made me go from wanting to opt for a caesarean delivery to managing to deliver my baby without any pain relief! I had delayed cord clamping and had a labour that went from 1cm to delivered within 3 hours and I’m sure it was because of the relaxation techniques and knowledge you taught me. I can’t thank you enough for the massive help that lead to the safe and controlled delivery of my perfect baby girl. Without a doubt worth the money. Thank you so much!”


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I run monthly hypnobirthing courses in Cardiff. I also offer private sessions in the comfort of your own home, which can be completely personalised to your circumstances and arranged at a time to suit you.


Included in all my courses are 4 hypnobirthing downloads so you can practice at home all the way up to your birth, a fantastic resource pack with all the important information you need, and email or phone support from me right up until your birth.


I look forward to helping you prepare for your calm and confident birth!


Jenny x