Diastasis & Core Function

Diastasis recti is when the linea alba ( the connective tissue that joins the right and left side of the abdominal muscles) begins to stretch and thin, separating the abdominal muscles, the further apart it is required to stretch, the thinner the connective tissue becomes.

This necessary separation is caused by the growing uterus and the hormone, relaxin, which softens smooth muscle. While it is a necessary function we can prevent the severity of the diastasis during pregnancy through correct posture, exercise and nutrition. However the body shape, size of baby and positioning of baby can also affect your individual diastasis.


What happens when the muscles are separated is that your core system can’t function properly and provide stability for your torso and pelvis – as your rectus abdominis is compromised during pregnancy ( virtually inactive).


Once you have had your baby it is important to asses you DR – it is recommended that you record the widest part of the DR, the length, depth and the feel of the connective tissue ( the linea alba) – in fact how the connective tissue feels IS one of the most important aspects when it comes to healing and not to get caught up on the the ‘gap’. I would recommend you have a trained professional in women’s health ( a women’s health physiotherapist or someone who has the necessary qualifications, like myself) do this initially for you – mainly because if you don’t know what you are looking for it’s easy to be misguided. Even if you have slight DR it is essential that you embark on diastasis recovery program.


How do I know when my DR has healed?


Until recently it was advised that a healed DR means full closer however due to recent studies it is possible to restore full core function with a slightly remaining DR – as long as you have full core function ( no pain, leaking, good core activation, good posture and strong connective tissue )  then your DR has healed and you can move onto to more advanced core & exercise in general.


How do you know if you don’t have full core function? If you still have DR ( even a slight gap) , your connective tissue is still thin weak and you suffer from any of the following


Back,hip and pelvis pain

Poor posture


Digestion issues

Bulging tummy

Inadequate core system activation


Then you still need to heal your DR and make the necessary adaptations to your lifestyle


Undertaking a specific postnatal recovery program as soon as possible is paramount after birth – and is essential before you begin regular and more advanced core training/ exercise . I have had clients 2 years postnatal who still need to heal their DR – don’t assume that it will fix itself and don’t assume that putting up with any of the above issues is a necessary result of having children.


If you’re concerned and have any questions about your DR please get in touch. Healing diastasis is very much a hands on process and initially has very little to do with exercise. For more information on Diastasis recti and Holistic Core Restore(r) Diastasis Recto Healing program I offer head here

For more details on working with me face to face head here and to get in touch email samala@fitbump.net


I look forward to working with you.

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