'It's still your body'

Your body and mind go through an abundance of changes during pregnancy and birth so it's essential your postnatal program fulfills your needs and rebuilds your body and mind with care.

There is a lot of pressure (both internal and external) to get back into shape after pregnancy, and while this is important, it’s essential you don’t get caught up in a fitness pull that could be harmful to your body in the long run. It’s vital you follow a gradual program that focuses on rebuilding and rehabilitating your deep abdominal muscles and essentially, works from the core out.
It’s helpful to prepare yourself mentally for your postnatal recovery while you’re pregnant and if possible start to get a plan in place; both the training plan itself and to begin breaking down any potential barriers that may stop you from being able to complete it. I know a lot of women can struggle with the idea of training with a baby in tow; it’s okay if your training session is interrupted and isn’t a complete 45 minutes, if you have to do it bite size chunks than that’s better than nothing at all.





let me say this in the most straightforward way - putting your physical and mental health at the top of your priority list is not an indulgence

As I mentioned before, being prepared and having an understanding of the next phase is the best way to ensure you have a positive postnatal recovery and exercise experience.
Here are some of the top issues that will need to be addressed after pregnancy
  •  Pelvic stability is going to be high on your priority list postpartum – especially if your suffered from pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy.
  • Strengthening and rehabilitating your linea alba; whether you have mild abdominal separation or have diastasis recti after pregnancy this amazing tissue will need to be tended to after pregnancy as your growing uterus and baby will have placed it under pressure.
  • Restoring core function to the deep core system. Being unable to place pressure on your bladder/ pelvic floor plus a number of other ailments after pregnancy and accepting this as a part of being a ‘mum’  should never be normalised – there is no time limit to how quickly this can be repaired and different types of births can impact your recovery rate but the sooner you address this the better and more effective your results will be.
  • Addressing posture, building strength and mobility to the entire body.
Remember, it’s still your body and you can get the absolute best out of it. If you want to return to exercise, build strength and achieve fat loss after pregnancy than it’s crucial that you follow a specific postnatal recovery program to ensure that your body is functioning at it’s absolute best. Not only will this affect any future pregnancies but it will stay with you for life.
If you would like further information on starting a postnatal training program or if you’re pregnant and would like to have a plan in place please get in touch via the contact page. Don’t forget you can have lifetime access to the fitbump membership site which contains all you need to begin your postnatal recovery journey – simply click join now and start today.
Samala x