Prepare to heal your body post baby

I've got 6 weeks until my due date and while I'm preparing mentally and emotionally for the birth, I'm also preparing for my postnatal healing and recovery...

The hospital bag is ready. The hypnobirthing course is booked. The new baby essentials are ready to go. While it is important to prepare for the birth and bringing baby home, it is also important to prepare for your health and well being post pregnancy and I don’t just mean ensuring there are ample packets of biscuits for visitors. I mean preparing your body for the initial wound and tissue healing, impending sleep deprivation, increased stress levels, post baby blues as well as the postnatal exercise recovery (who will do the food shopping? where will you do your postnatal exercise? Will you take the baby with you? Can you get someone to look after the baby? etc ) – these are all important elements that warrant conversation and preparation.

My partner and I have had the conversation about training. This can be a big stumbling block for mums and quite often it is a partner/husband that can be the barrier when it comes to a woman taking care of her health and fitness post pregnancy. Having your specific postnatal recovery training plan in place is essential (it is not a luxury) – whether that is booking onto your course now, arranging a consultation with a pre/postnatal specialist or accessing the program online. Talk to your partner, parents or who ever you need to in order to ensure you have the support you need to embark on your post pregnancy fitness journey.

I’m taking the time to breath (hopefully creating a habit for after the birth). Breathing calms the nervous system as elevated cortisol levels retard the healing process plus it delivers essential oxygen to your healing tissues. Increased stress levels will lead us away from optimal healing so simply taking the time to breath will make a huge difference to your healing process.

I’m taking care of my nutrition to boost my immune system. Sleep deprivation as we all know is incredibly detrimental to our immune systems; along with a newborn we have a 6 year old and my business to take care of so getting sick needs to be prevented as much as possible. I am drinking at least 2-3 litres of water per day, eating plenty of vegetables, healthy fats, lean protein and quality carbs to ensure I’m feeling my best leading up to the birth.

Nutrition is also a very important part of the postnatal healing process – especially where wound and connective healing concerned. Here are some of my top 5 foods to include immediately (and continually) after birth to optimise postnatal wound and connective tissue healing

  1. Lean quality protein
  2. Berries and orange/yellow coloured fruits
  3. Dark coloured vegetables
  4. Essential fatty acids
  5. Water (I know its not a food but its one of the most important for cellular regeneration)

Your diastasis healing, your pelvic floor, wound and c-section recovery are all reliant on your ability to nourish yourself well during your initial recovery phase. Have a shopping list ready to give to whom ever you need to and make sure you have these foods available at home.

Your health, fitness and lifestyle choices leading up to and after birth are key to a positive and optimal recovery – leaving it to fate could mean it taking up to 2 years (or longer in some cases) before your body has healed completely- don’t underestimate the impact that pregnancy and birth can have on your body.

If you would like to talk about your postnatal recovery and work together to have a plan in place please get in touch

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I look forward to working with you

Samala x


let me say this in the most straightforward way - putting your physical and mental health at the top of your priority list is not an indulgence