The first scar tissue massage treatment will last 75 minutes. The treatment is dedicated to your abdominal scar or scars.  Prior to the session I will need to send you a pre – screening form and then when you arrive at your appointment I will do a hands on deep screen in order to see how the scar is affecting not only the local area but your posture, breathing, pelvic floor and core – ultimately your whole body. A scar tissue massage treatment is different to a sports massage , we work slow and deep in order to allow the scar tissue and surrounding soft tissue to relax and release. Specific techniques are applied when working scar tissue and not always at the location of your scar which will often lead the body to relax in other areas you didn’t realise were tense! It is highly advised that you invest in 3 treatments and space them every 2-3 weeks initially in order to achieve the best results with releasing the scar tissue.
  • Individual initial appointment (75 minutes) £50
  • Follow up appointments (60 minutes) £45
  • Package of 3 appointments (first appointment 75 minutes/ subsequent appointments 60 minutes) £135 – 2 or 3 payment instalments are available and first payment must be made prior to first appointment/ subsequent appointments must be booked in advance / final payment prior to last session.
If you would like to book please head here and I will send you the pre screening form and booking details. I do also have gift vouchers available.
The above prices include all the thorough pre screening, deep screen and assessments, bespoke massage, treatment plan and any aftercare deemed useful to your overall wellness. Please note sessions expire after 90 days (including packages unless previously agreed). Please note I work to a strict 24 hour cancellation policy.