If you’re reading this then you are a women on a journey for better health, better fitness and a better understanding of your body.

I wanted to give you a bit of insight on what to expect if you work with me.  I have been in the industry for over 10 years and my journey, like yours, started with the desire to understand more about my body, to be healthy and strong during pregnancy and in to motherhood.

I have continually striven to expand my knowledge and best serve the women that I work with. At the beginning of 2018 I became a Holistic Core Restore® Coach and since then my world has truly changed – Pelvic floor health and fitness is the center of all I do and I am more than just a pregnancy and postnatal personal trainer but an advocate for holistic women’s health and fitness. I educate all of my clients and ensure that they understand the full spectrum of what it means to look after your body and mind as we move through life- from pre-conception to menopause.

So when you come to train with me here is a rough outline of the journey you may move through

You will fill in a pre-screening form before our first session. This enables me to ensure that there is nothing outside of my expertise and if I need to refer you to the Women’s Health Physiotherapist that I work with before commencing our work together.

Our first session will be a deep screen, a discussion of your pre screen and we will discuss your goals – short and long term. Training with me will be commitment to yourself, a partnership between you and your body and what you do outside of our sessions will be just as important as what you do during. Depending on your life phase and what I find during your screening will influence which program, adapted for you, will be suitable. Generally, all of my clients will begin with the Holistic Core Restore  Every Woman program but it may be that we need to look at diastasis or c section recovery alongside. If you are very early postnatal (pre 6 weeks)  then we will begin with the 4th trimester program. I begin with Every Woman initially because it ensures that any issues are ironed out, you build a strong foundation and I can be sure that we are properly doing what is best for your body. It also provides excellent education which will continue to serve you for the rest of your life. If any  healing pathways are needed I will give you the relevant referrals needed.

Once you have completed the first 6 weeks of your program/recovery we then move on – progressing, adapting and adding change where appropriate. I am a coach who firmly advocates functional weight training – whether it be body weight or lifting weights – so this will be a part of my teachings. If you are pregnant adaptations will be made and we will focus on training that is specific for that phase of your life.

Whether you continue with 1:1 or group, your training will continually be adapted as your life and body moves through its many phases.

I look forward to working with you and creating a safe space for you to grow, heal and work with your body.