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  • When choosing to train with a personal trainer, it is important to train with someone who understands your goals (the easier bit) and also someone who understands you, your capability and what makes you tick (the harder bit). Ted has worked to not only develop a training programme that works for me, but has got to know me and my  abilities. I’m able to eat foods I love and train safely; I’m beating the original goals I had and I’ve never enjoyed training as much. Training with Ted has turned the chore of “going to the gym” into training I look forward to each session. I’m motivated outside of the session to remain focused – week on week I see positive changes. I simply didn’t get that before.
    Tom Lamb
  • I had no idea when I started to train with Ted of the impact the process would have on my life outside the gym. Ted’s style of advice about training and nutrition wasn’t to dictate a programme, but to allow me to work out how I best felt that the changes in my life could be made. You may start training thinking you know what your limits are and what you can achieve, but there are no boundaries. The challenges keep on coming, as long as you’re willing to keep working hard, and I’ve never felt more motivated to do so!
    Fiaz Ahmad
  • Prior to training at Storm Fitness I had never done any kind of exercise. I was extremely overweight and my diet consisted of zero nutrition. To say I was terrified for my first session is an understatement! Sue is my Trainer and I could not have done any of this without her help and guidance. Sue is a working Mum just like me and it’s great to have someone who understands my life and gets where I’m coming from when I need a little extra motivation. When I look back to that first session to what I am achieving now it really is something to be proud of! I am now 21kg down and feel so much better in myself and my confidence is starting to increase. I have completely surprised myself - this has taken a lot of hard work, consistency and commitment, and Sue has been with me every step of the way.
    Jill Slater
  • Within three months of training with Ted, I’ve smashed the 90 mins half marathon time and have continued to get faster in every race I have run. Training with Ted has changed my approach completely, previously I would have just run more, longer runs, more frequent runs and then more runs. Now, my training is more focussed and it is paying dividends. Surprisingly, I really enjoy the challenge of lifting weights and doing pull ups and every other element of it, I leave my sessions buzzing. Ted is knowledgeable, efficient and demanding and really does deliver results.
    Stephen Mackin
  • Since training with Sue i have not only seen a difference in my physical attributes but also my outlook on life as a whole. Having trained with Sue on a regular basis I've seen how exercise is not only important for my health but also as a key component of any lifestyle worth living. Sue is one of the most positive people I've ever met and her dedication to her clients is that of beyond anything I could imagine, and I am so lucky to have found her and all I can say is great things.
    Sabine Shanshal

I’ve learnt to maintain my training and nutrition levels consistently and feel it is integrated into part of my life. Apart from this huge change in perspective to training, I’ve also lost a great deal of body fat and gained muscle! So far my weight has gone from 73.8kg to 70.3kg and my waist shrank from 83.8cm to 79.6cm

Sounds corny but after years of being anxious of the way I look I can say I’m very happy with both the way I look and the methods I use to train

James Newham

I can't ever thank David enough for all of his hard work towards my training sessions. His constant support and guidance are always greatly appreciated. The results he helped me achieve surpassed all of my expectations! When goals are achieved he always pushes you to see outside of those first initial goals meaning that he is always adapting training to help achieve things you first thought to be impossible. I always look forward to training with David, his professionalism is second to none and he always pushes you to want to better yourself.


Since I started training at Storm not only has my body shape and fitness level improved significantly, but my whole lifestyle approach to diet and exercise has changed for the better.

I’ve been so happy with the results and everyone has noticed the difference (so far Jenny has lost 5.7% body fat, 8.3kg of body weight, 9.9cm from her waist & 6.4cm from hips) – I feel fitter and stronger than ever, and have surpassed my initial expectations

Jenny Nelson

After years of 'attending' the gym and thinking I was eating healthily, I was finally sick of making no progress and not knowing how to achieve what I wanted to achieve.

I’ve trained with David at Storm for over a year. In this time I’ve totally changed my body, lifestyle and way in which I think and approach health and fitness. I dropped 3 dress sizes, I had convinced myself it was not possible for me to be a size 8 and that weights made women big. I now know realise how wrong and uneducated I was!


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