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Pregnancy - Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

Provided there are no contraindications and your doctor knows you are exercising then there are a whole host of benefits when it comes to following a prenatal exercise plan - not just for mum but for baby too!
It helps to prevent headaches, stress and prenatal depression, pelvic pain, back ache, constipation, cramps and swelling. Exercise increases blood flow to the placenta which is great for the babies growth and development.

Postnatal - When can I start exercising after giving birth? What if I have had a c section?

You can begin gentle pelvic floor exercises as soon as you feel ready after the birth of your baby. Healing will be different for every woman and there are things you can do to assist in the process, right down to a cellular level. The same applies if you have had a c section - there will be a different level of healing that needs to take place as there can be nerve damage but you can still begin to start your recovery as soon as you feel physically ready. Starting a correct post natal recovery program is essential if you want to prevent future physiological issues.

Female - What are the best exercises for the female body?

A womans body is a complex maze of hormonal flucuations and there are a whole host of variants which can affect your physical health and body composition. I would always recommend any woman to do some form of strength training. Here are my top 5 exercises that I include in all of my female training plans.
1. Kettlebell swings
3. Hip thrusts
4. Deadlift
5. Overhead press

I began working with Samala on my second pregnancy at about 18 weeks. Samala was so welcoming, friendly and able to answer so many questions I had regarding pregnancy fitness. I was so thankful she began her post natal camp fitbump just after my litte boy was born and I could take my baby and toddler along! It is very difficult to find these kind of classes anywhere!