When I was pregnant with my Son nearly 8 years ago I felt there was very little support and information available when it came to training during pregnancy, especially if you wanted to continue strength training (whether it be lifting weights or using your own body weight) If you are a mum to be who wants to continue strength training – regardless of your fitness level then this is the program for you. While the type of training is strength based training it is specifically programmed for pregnancy and for each trimester. You can read about why strength training during pregnancy is such a brilliant choice of exercise here

Carrying on with your fitness regime during pregnancy can be challenging and it can also be daunting if you’re unsure of what to do . As long as you have no contraindications and your GP knows you’re exercising then the options are limitless. There are plenty of pregnancy adaptations to take you through each Trimester and as long as you feel up to it you can carry on exercising right up to your due date ( I’ve even had clients book in post due date!)

I have created the fitbump online membership to take care of all of your pregnancy fitness and nutrition needs. You’ll have programs for every trimester and fitness level, for gym ant home plus supporting lifestyle, nutrition information and complete access to all other areas of the site (your postnatal recovery is already taken care of! If you are curious about postnatal recovery and diastasis you can watch my mini tutorial here )   You can enjoy a safe, active and strong pregnancy with the peace of mind that you are taking care of your body and growing baby

For £8.79 per month (cancel anytime) your monthly subscription includes

  • Specialist pregnancy strength training workout plans, videos and tutorials for each trimester.
  • Specialist postnatal workout recovery plans, videos and tutorials suitable for all deliveries and when it’s time for you to begin your journey back to exercise.
  • Specialist female strength training workout plans, videos and tutorials – whether you are in between pregnancies or preconception.
  • Access your workout plans on your phone, tablet or laptop any where, anytime.
  • Training guidelines for pregnancy, postnatal and female (whether your are between babies or preconception) training.
  • Workout videos.
  • Exercise library with descriptions, pictures and videos.
  • Blogs featuring input from women’s health specialists.
  • Nutrition guidelines for pregnancy and beyond.
  • Train safely and effectively at home for each phase of your life.

Sign up now to begin your pregnancy fitness journey!

Samala x

I began working with Samala on my second pregnancy at about 18 weeks. Samala was so welcoming, friendly and able to answer so many questions I had regarding pregnancy fitness. I was so thankful she began her post natal camp fitbump just after my litte boy was born and I could take my baby and toddler along! It is very difficult to find these kind of classes anywhere!