Individual Women’s Holistic Health + Wellbeing Coaching 

1:1 health coaching sessions with Samala over ZOOM


These sessions are all about you and YOUR health vision. Whether you have a specific Women’s health concern or you just know that how you feel right now is not ‘IT’, that there is something more for you – then this is an opportunity to take your health into your own hands. You are the expert on your body and your life.



◊ Women’s Holistic Health Assessment emailed prior to coaching session

◊ Hormone Health Questionnaire emailed prior to coaching session

◊ 15 minute guided vision exercise for you to get DEEP clarity about what it is you want and how you want to FEEL

◊ We will then further discuss your desires for your wellbeing and you will create the action steps in order to begin moving toward your health vision

◊ Follow up email containing an outline of the plan from our coaching session and the bespoke resources to support you as you continue on your health and wellbeing journey


What to expect?

  • We will discuss the hormone questionnaire and the Women’s Holistic Health Assessment that you completed prior to our session.
  • At the first appointment you will talk further about your health circumstances, identify the long term health vision and then the short term health goals in order to meet that vision.
  •  I will supply all of the appropriate information and recommendations, and you decide which steps/choices you want to take first. Ultimately  all decisions are led by you.
  • When it comes to implementation, accountability and creating new health behaviour this is where coaching plays an important role. I will ask you questions, we will have discussions in order to identify any potential barriers or self limiting beliefs to implementation.With my support you will come up with strategies, develop strong self efficacy and self enquiry skills to enable you to put the necessary lifestyle changes in place.
  • You can contact me during my working hours in between our coaching sessions in order to ask questions or to update on me on your progress – we will agree upon which mode of communication is best during the session.
  • The first session will last anywhere between 75-90 minutes and I will send a follow email with your plan laid out, the action steps you chose and the required resources and educational material – To make sure you are completely wrapped in support!
  • At each session we will review and re-confirm your health vision while continuing to set action steps, discuss the journey and bring in more resources and education in order to move you along the continuum to reaching your desired outcome.


£99 for standalone bookings


£67 per month for 3 months ( 3 coaching sessions plus access to the Well Within course)


For bookings please contact me here




Wellness IS your natural state.