Many women are unaware of the importance of an assessment post pregnancy and birth. If you are 2 years plus postpartum, didn’t have an in depth assessment or follow a recovery plan and still feel that your body hasn’t recovered from pregnancy and birth then an assessment is what you need. Whether you goal is to be able to get back to running, weight lifting or if you still have a ‘pregnant looking belly’ regardless of how you eat or train it’s so important to know where you are starting from order to move forward. This bespoke women’s well- being assessment begins with a pre-screening form followed by a visual  whole body and mind assessment. Your well-being – both mind and body is essential for health and fitness.


After filling in your online pre-screening form you will meet with me VIRTUALLY  face to face on ZOOM where we will

  • Go over your screening form, discuss your previous pregnancies, birth and your desires for your body and health.
  • I will then do a deep Q&A and visual assessment to check your abdominal wall for diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and any other imbalances that can affect the abdominal wall functioning optimally.
  • I will do a visual assessment of your breathing, posture and lifting
  • You will perform your own body scan- so really getting in touch with how you are feeling about your  body and how it’s functioning so far.
  • Pelvic floor and core function assessment.
  • Nutrition overview

After this will discuss my recommendations,  outline a recovery plan and if there are any referrals needed.

You will also get 3 bespoke home care pointers covering nutrition, breathing and self care to work on in order to begin your recovery along with a follow up email and what I would advise you do going forward in regards to your goals and  recovery.


If you would like to book an assessment  and for further details please contact me here

The assessment is £50 and the appointment will last 60-75 minutes and will be done over ZOOM.

I look forward to working with you.

Samala x