Are you making time to be still?

Have you thought about integrating meditation into your life but are unsure of where to start?

Do you feel like you are moving from one task to the next without being present?

Do you find yourself on autopilot when driving?

Do you feel like you need to pause, breathe and just BE?

Would you like to be more accepting of the present moment?

Would you like to cultivate self awareness, mindful listening skills and get in touch with your true nature?

The Holistic Core Restore® ZenWoman® course is a 7 week small group program which gently introduces and explores meditation, mindfulness and gratitude techniques in a safe, supportive and healing environment.

It’s time to begin your journey…

All sessions are done via ZOOM and you can join from the comfort and safety of your own home. Participants do not have to have their videos on.



In this course, we’ll begin our meditation practice on brining our awareness to the breath and monitoring our breathing cycle as a means of anchoring to the present moment.

The course runs weekly on Sunday evening at 7 45pm for 1 hour. Groups are limited to 6 participants.

Each session will comprise of a welcome to the session, an introduction to the programme and on the first week a review of your mindfulness self-audit. You’ll then take part in a guided meditation facilitated by me , the style and focus will alter each week but to improve your endurance, the duration of each meditation session will increase each week as the course progresses. There will be time to talk at the end and discuss your individual journey should you wish.

Each participant receives a weekly email with topical information plus a PDF workbook which includes a gratitude journal. Participants also have the option of joining a whatsapp support group for further discussion and support.



The next group course commences on the 8th of November

The 7 sessions and  your supporting content will be £97.

2 x Payment instillation’s are available. T& C’s apply.

All sessions will be done VIA ZOOM.

To book and for further questions please contact me here.